SQL Server Monitoring

SQL Server Monitoring is essential for maintaining your database system’s health, performance, security, and efficiency. By keeping a close eye on key metrics, you can ensure that your database servers are always running smoothly and can take action if any issues arise.

AimBetter SQL Server Monitoring gives you full visibility and control of the SQL Server environment empowering you to improve performance, efficiency, and uptime. With the insights gained from AimBetter SQL Server Monitoring, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize and improve your databases.

AimBetter’s real-time monitoring capabilities enable you to quickly identify the source of performance issues, whether from application code error, non-optimal queries plan, operating systems, or hardware deficiency. That means huge time saving for you and cost savings for your company.

SQL Server Management can be a very complex task considering the several layers in an SQL Server environment:

  1. Hardware – the first layer of the SQL Server environment is the hardware layer. It includes the server’s CPU, memory, hard disk, and network.
  2. Operating System – the second layer is the Operating System such as Windows or Linux.
  3. SQL Server – the third layer is the SQL Server program (Database Management System) such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.
  4. Queries – the fourth layer are the queries that run in the Database System.
  5. Processes – the fifth layer includes the interaction between the Database System with its different types of clients (real users and system automation), through the processes initiated by these clients applications.
  6. Exceptions – the sixth layer refers to the exception mechanism used by the other layers that communicate events and errors occurring constantly on the system.

AimBetter provides a complete solution for solving your Company’s Database Administration!

With AimBetter you can see:

All Servers Status

AimBetter displays all your Servers’ statuses in a single screen, ordered by severity issues, so you can quickly identify and address the most urgent cases. AimBetter’s color-based code with red for high-severity alerts, orange, and yellow for lower severity issues, and green for “everything is fine” is very intuitive so you can scroll over the mar and quickly check the present challenges with the labels presented beneath the status bars.

With AimBetter you can choose to focus on the servers by company name and platform, easily selecting the hierarchical layer to drill into details or have an overall view.

AimBetter friendly interface enables you to check in seconds the pressing issues and get details so you always understands and controls what’s happening on your server’s environments.

Live and History Queries

Queries are the most common source of SQL Database performance problems and AimBetter provides a  comprehensive analysis of all queries in real-time. AimBetter builds a unified dashboard enabling a quick and comprehensive overview of your organization’s database queries from a single screen.

By means of deep analysis and investigation of an execution plan, AimBetter first identifies any problematic queries, and then quickly filters and identifies the user, resource, computer, processor, or memory being used by these queries.

AimBetter automatically stores historical data for up to one year to enhance comparative query analysis and reveals problematic queries that slow down performance and need to be resolved.

Performance Metrics

AimBetter enables you to monitor and analyze critical system metrics across your whole SQL Server environment.  AimBetter features a centralized dashboard designed to identify any potential problems as they emerge, and to alert you in real-time so you can take the necessary actions before any serious impact.  This way, you can rest assured that your system is always in top operational shape.

AimBetter monitors over 300 critical system metrics of your MSSQL Server at both host and database levels, and presents them via a single, easy-to-comprehend display.

AimBetter is programmed to effectively identify problem spots and trace the specific source. By leveraging smart historical data and behavioral algorithms, AimBetter quickly recognizes and alerts you to all anomalies in real time.

With AimBetter, you can quickly and easily compare, throughout a defined time frame, everything relating to any change in the environment (for example a version upgrade, CPU or memory change, operating system patch etc.) to overall performance.

Real-Time Change Tracker

Control and visibility over computer systems at all times is essential. But in a dynamic environment, with changes affecting security, hardware and operating system on top of variations in user activity, staying on top of everything continuously leaves you with little time to do what you do best.

Any change in your SQL Server environment is a potential cause of performance issues. Changes can be software installation, database creation, and service status change just to name a few. AimBetter’s Change Tracker constantly draws relevant data and runs statistical analyses to identify and prioritize anomalies according to the level of threat they pose to your organization.

Critical problem identification – advanced statistical analysis based on real-time and historical data to point out potential critical problems
Security breach recognition – recognition of abnormal behavior such as login attempts that may pose a serious security breach
Real-time alerts – based on your settings of the priority level for receiving email alerts when a potential threat arises

Compared to other SQL Server Monitoring Tools, AimBetter stand out for:


Affordable and Straightforward


  • All-inclusive, no module-base
  • No add-ons
  • No unexpected charges
  • Monthly subscription


DBA Expert Team


  • Daily checkups
  • Personal reports
  • Personal training
  • Technical assistance

Customer Satisfaction

Enterprise and SMBs

  • Gain complete visibility
  • Solve slowness and downtime
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Get a solution, not only a product!


What our customers say:

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