News about GDPR

How AimBetter can help you in achieving GDPR compliance.

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018. Any organization (European or non-EU) that holds personal information (which means any information that may uniquely identify a citizen of the EU) or databases about EU residents is required to implement the regulations.  There are significant penalties for companies that breach the regulation.

This note is to remind you that AimBetter takes all necessary steps to protect your company’s data when performing its essential function as your SQL Server database monitor.  Our mode of operation never reads, copies or stores actual relevant data content, but works by watching actions and taking measurements which are then analyzed and reported on.

You can therefore rest comfortably assured that by using AimBetter, you have not added any possibility of GDPR violation in your operations…just one more way that AimBetter frees you to focus on your own vital function, which is to manage your enterprise.