Captain AB


Do you have SQL Servers?

Captain AB software is a unique package that lets you stay connected and up-to-date on all activity in your enterprise information system’s SQL SERVER environment. The application monitors and supervises all current access such as LOGIN, QUERY and many more to help you understand any problem and enable complete recovery capability when needed.

Our system can provide significant improvements for your organization’s whole security apparatus with up-to-date and accurate information on what is happening in real-time

In the same way that you need a security camera to tell you when some suspicious activity happened, you need Captain AB guarding your whole digital world, sniffing out the problems, and barking to get your attention.


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Captain AB Sniffer

The Captain AB Security application performs database monitoring in real-time, “sniffing” out all server User Query and Login requests. This activity is recorded for later review, thereby allowing you to sift through all commands coming out of your computer systems which occur outside of the enterprise application’s database environment, for example your company’s ERP system. With Captain AB, a business owner or system administrator is given complete access to monitor and detect at any time all new system logins or suspicious actions. The benefits are reaped in terms of system security and database health at minimal outlay for your company, and no burden on your time.

Captain AB Reconstruction

Captain AB Security System works in any environment that is non-applicative, we designed in this way to enable logical logging and optimal tracking. Captain AB gives the business owner or information manager tools to study and investigate employee access or suspect activity giving you control and high recovery capability. If you working in hostile conditions or outside the office as we experience now with the COVID-19 it could be a very challenging situation for you to manage, Bulldog provides you with the full toolbox allowing monitoring of all user activities in the organization, without compromising privacy.

Captain AB Detective

Captain AB Detective is the most important feature of the system and gives the manager’s or IT administrator’s ability to specify exactly what behavior you want to monitor. The system allows you to define “suspicious” words/actions that you want Captain AB to know about within your corporate environment. If any such command or word is detected, the system performs two immediate actions, retrieving and storing details of the suspicious query or access and sending an immediate alert to a nominated email address. In this way, the system helps provide 24/7 security covering the most sensitive areas of your organization, authorizations, finances, customer lists, prices and more.

Common questions:

Where are the logs kept?

Logs are kept in a directory located on the SQL SERVICE computer. It is recommended that the folder be on a virtual or networked device to prevent the files being deleted.

How to read the information?

Files can be read by T-SQL commands or directly by clicking on the file for permission. Captain AB’s results are saved in a table where all the commands appear, specifying the computer/application ID / USER/time

How to define "suspicious" words?"

There is a table where you can edit/add values as needed. We will advise on best practice. In general, it is worth keeping a minimum of system administrator access privileges

How long are logs kept?

There is no delete mechanism. The file deletion is managed by the client. Their size is relatively small because the recording only includes actions that are not part of your main application such as Priority, SAP, etc.

How are the files saved?

A new file is created once each day. Whenever the server is booted / SQL starts a new file will be created

In what timespan will email notification be sent?

By default, a scan is performed every 10 minutes on the recording. This value can be changed at customer’s request. Emails are sent immediately by the scan.

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