AimBetter Features

Aimbetter is a one-in-all monitoring solution for Database, Application, and Web Servers that empowers IT Teams to solve any performance problems in a fast and efficient way.

SAAS Cloud-based

Data and analytics are stored in our cloud, so it does not load the client’s system

Proprietary AI

Artificial Intelligence developed by DBA experts to execute automatic DBA tasks freeing the DBA and IT teams to more creative work

Multiple graphs & metrics

Historical data through intuitive graphical displays and more than 500 metrics

Friendly and intuitive UI

Unique structured UI to provide the best user experience and optimal view of numerous valuable information about the monitored environment

Web browser & Mobile app

Monitor from anywhere and open as many tabs as you want to see different views at once

Holistic view

Overview of the whole database environment with all its elements in the different layers

Small and quick installation

One for all the servers in the same domain (“agentless”). Flexibility to change the monitored server at any time.

Security and Data protection

Enables detection of different security threats and their exact source in a short time adding to the company’s protection tools

Real-time 24/7 monitor

Automatic 24/7 monitoring, sending alerts before the problem is felt by users or affects the company’s performance

Deep insight

Drill into the details whenever you need to understand better some specific issue, all in the same place

Professional support

Assistance from our DBA professional team to fast and effective problem-solving and NOC support

Performance improvement

Improves performance, efficiency, and uptime enabling to get to the root cause of problems and giving valuable insights for optimal Database, Application, and Web Servers management
If you are interested in knowing more about how AimBetter can make your company’s system run smoothly, please fill in your name and e-mail.
We will be in touch shortly to assist you or answer any questions you may have.

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