About Us

AimBetter is a cloud-based database performance monitoring (DPM) service that gives you deep insight into your database environment in order to improve performance, efficiency and uptime. Working with public and hybrid database environments, AimBetter is a unified solution that makes critical applications run faster. AimBetter's real-time monitoring capabilities enable you to quickly identify the source of performance issues, be it from an application code error, a database application, an operating system, or CPU or memory deficiency.

Our solution is integrated with our Expert Support that will guide you to quickly identify and resolve your bottleneck.

  • Real Time Application Diagnostics
  • Displaying data in a centralized
  • User-friendly web-based dashboard management interface
  • Monitors and delivers alerts in real time for all performance issues related to the SQL server, OS and hardware
  • Full IT and database coverage
  • Covers IT and database performance troubleshooting requirements, while identifying the exact source of application performance issues
  • Troubleshooting cost reduction
  • Quickly identifies the source of the performance issue, focusing to the relevant IT, DBA or application owners to reduce troubleshooting time and costs

Used by enterprise businesses around the world from 2015. helping to identify and pinpointing potential problems on your database environment, the main APM bottleneck.