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Database performance and application monitoring — so you don’t go mad trying to find the causes of server issues

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Improves Response-Time  |  Tracks 400+ Metrics |  Monitor Security Violations |  Analyze Slow Transactions |  Activate DBA to be Proactive |  Lead Database to Efficiency |  360 Database Insight |  Single-Page Dashboard |  Correlates All Data |  Performance Monitoring |  Reports Query Exceptions |  Unexpected Behavior Alert |  Detects Network & Internet Issues |  Query Time-Outs & Deadlocks |  Access Any Period of Time for Analysis |  Detect Data-Loss & Uncommitted Transaction
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Hosting/Storage Cost | Cost of Repository Server | Repository Database License | Product Installation Fee | Product Maintenance Fees | Anytime Tech-Support Fees | Initial Alerts-Setup

What you get?
Improved System Performance | Enhance Management Capabilities | Reduce Cost of Maintenance | Improved User Satisfaction | View All-Layers of the Infrastructure | A Healthy, Worry-Free and Peace-of-Mind IT Operation
Great solution scenario
Want to eliminate troubleshooting? | Need a fast error-detection system? | Speed-up SQL performance? | Identify critical data-loss? | Current solutions don’t scale? | Want DBA oversight & support? | Want a complimentary solution? | Distinguish between IT DevOp & DBA Problems! | Allocate the proper resources to solutions

Use The AimBetter Approach To Solve Your Database Problems

Gut out Powerful Diagnostic Tool and DBA Specialists at Your Service

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Boost Performance

Fix Your Database Server Performance Issues

Locating the root cause of a problem might sound “easy peasy”. But when you go hunting for the source, you might not find it, because it can be hidden in your code, databases, applications, server infrastructure or a myriad of other places. AimBetter leads you directly to the source of the problems and gets your servers back on track.

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How Does It Work?

Getting started is easy. Our team installs the system and within five minutes you will start to get data. The AimBetter platform analyzes hundreds of metrics and looks for anomalies and failures in your IT environment. You will receive alerts that tell you what is going on deep within your servers. After three business days, your performance diagnostic report will be ready, and your DBA account manager will contact you with advice on dealing with the issues.

Our Users

Who Uses AimBetter?

AimBetter has become a favourite tool of IT managers. It works 24/7 to find critical applications T-QSL errors or general IT systems/infrastructure issues. AimBetter watches and analyses all relationships and dependencies of your IT environment and pinpoints the exact SQL Server sources and application performance issues or infrastructure problems in real-time. In case you need a DBA, our DBA team can assist you  in resolving these problems.

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Why should you choose AimBetter?

Business decisions must be based on verified and analyzed data. Good practice demands that this information meets the required levels of accuracy, timeliness and security. You can only achieve this with proper management of the database.


Four common questions that can be answered With AimBetter

Why is my CPU usage high with an increased load?


Why do my queries get longer, while my resources look good?


What is adversely affecting my database engine?


How to lead IT staff, system developer and DBA to the cause of a problem?


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Control your entire database environment from one screen

Save time troubleshooting and increase server uptime


Monitors core SQL database performance and detects irregularities. View different levels of alerts for unexpected behavior.


Any failure can impact the entire system. Have all the information at your fingertips so you can make quick decisions.


Stay on guard 24/7 with our IIS monitoring system that provides real time data about page errors and server connection errors.

Full version capabilities | No credit card needed | 15 min installation | Professional support
We help companies across wide range of industries

Energy, Retail, Media, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Health-Care, Insurance, High-tech, and many more!

Questions and Answers
What skills to I need to work with AimBetter?
What are the minimum system requirements at a server level?
Do you support all database management platforms?
Do you have any security certificates?
How long does the installation take?
Which versions of Microsoft SQL do you support?
What skills to I need to work with AimBetter?

Anyone can use our system, even if you are not a DBA or IT specialist

What are the minimum system requirements at a server level?

Platform – 1 GHz Pentium® 4 CPU
Memory – 1GB, Hard disk space – 200MB, NET – Minimum .net 4.5
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – 2008 (64-bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7. (32-bit and 64-bit)

Do you support all database management platforms?

We support SQL server and windows OS Servers. We have a beta version for Oracle that is not available yet.

Do you have any security certificates?

AimBetter uses the ISO 27001 standard to help keep our clients safe.

How long does the installation take?

The installation takes about 15 minutes, and we walk you through each step of the process.

Which versions of Microsoft SQL do you support?

SQL Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit) or higher.

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