Complete Visibility Into Your Core Systems

Connect the dots between Databases, Infrastructure and Applications to quickly solve performance issues

Identify the root cause of core system performance issues in seconds, and get actionable recommendations for prompt resolution.

Concentrate on matters needing attention from a single screen.

What our customers say

“Prediction” is one of the best features I loved in the AimBetter tool, it actually lets you prevent bottlenecks before the client experiences performance degradation.”

by Chezi Shpaisman Founder & CEO of SAKKOYA – Promoting Business with Technology Ltd

“Before installing AimBetter, our databases were like a black hole. Now we have a clear view of what’s going on inside.”

by Menachem Genut, V.P Information Systems.

“AimBetter represents NextGen database monitoring – providing powerful cloud tools to identify problems on the spot.”

by Rony Shoshani, Operations Manager

The system is very detailed and easy to use; in case of a malfunction, we immediately receive an answer. AimBetter gave me peace of mind with immediate response to questions and problems and immediate dispatch of exceptions.”

by Gil from Bazelet Group – Medical Industry

“Just two days after turning AimBetter on, we found the cause of an SQL Server query malfunction that we had attacked using Profiler for more than 3 months without progress.“

by Dan Ben Amar – CEO/Founder of Rapid Image Ltd

“We strongly recommend AimBetter’s advanced monitoring application and professional service, which has succeeded in making a significant change in the DBA field for Teva Naot.”

by Gali Blumberg, IT Manager – Naot

AimBetter stands out for being:


Handle multiple customers from one screen

Support multiple servers: Database, Web, Application, and Terminal Servers

Control multiple layers: System, Resources, Web, Database, Permission Violations, and Exceptions


Intuitive and comprehensive

Best user experience

No need for integration or long training

Connects all the dots


SaaS all-inclusive

No module-base or add-ons

No unexpected charges

Monthly subscription per server

Affordable and Straightforward

Get a solution, not only another product!


Real-time 24/7 monitor
Automatic 24/7 monitoring, sending alerts before the problem is felt by users or affects the company’s performance.
SAAS Cloud-based
Data and analytics are stored in our cloud, so it does not load the client’s system.
Security and Data protection
Enables detection of different security threats and their exact source in a short time adding to the company’s protection tools.
Small and quick installation
One for all the servers in the same domain (“agentless”). Flexibility to change the monitored server at any time.
Via Web browser & Mobile app
Monitor from anywhere and open as many tabs as you want to see different views at once. Get alerts on your mobile wherever you are.
Proprietary AI
Artificial Intelligence developed by DBA experts to execute automatic DBA tasks freeing the DBA and IT teams to do more creative work.
Friendly and intuitive UI
Unique structured UI to provide the best user experience and optimal view with multiple graphs and more than 400 metrics.
Holistic view
Overview of the whole database environment with all its elements in the different layers. Hardware, System, Network, Applications, Exceptions, Queries, and Web traffic in one place.
Deep insight
Drill into the details whenever you need to understand better some specific issue, all in the same place. We pinpoint the issue and give you the tools to investigate deeply in just minutes.


Cost Savings

Save IT professionals time

Increase users’ productivity

Save on downtime and poor performance

Add value to your service

Save on unnecessary infrastructure addition

Higher Satisfaction


IT Professionals can focus on creative work

Smooth system performance

Enhance your customer understanding

Improved customer experience

Retain satisfied customers

Join leading companies that are working with us

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