Find out how to improve your database operations, with timely, dependable and consistent results – easily. 

SQL Server performance optimization for ERP

Providing `state-of-the-art` database optimization, maintenance and support for your SAP Business One operations.  


Support for you by highly-trained database management specialists working with you as your own ‘virtual DBAs’.  


Give yourself the time to concentrate on what you need to do most – manage your business!

Working with ‘next generation’ monitoring software

AimBetter database monitoring application is the most advanced SQL Server monitor, and we are the most experienced users. 

Working with AimBetter, together we will :-  

maximize system performance and upgrade user efficiency and satisfaction;

ensure information integrity by eliminating possible causes of data loss or corruption;

increase system availability as our proactive warning system detects pending problems before they impact on your users.

Daily health review

We concentrate on the important issues without having to search through multiple screens and reports – alerting us according to the thresholds that are relevant to your own specific needs, not ‘industry standards’.

What we do best

The key to database management is combining deep understanding of SQL data structures and methods, together with experience in tracking and resolving operational issues. AimBetter’s Expert Support Team brings these together for you in one seamless package.

Optimize the use of your own time and resources by relying on our expert support. AimBetter gives you accumulated information from all monitored servers over a 24 hour window, plus comparative history extending back over 30 days. Data about Windows system operations and all relevant SQL Server activity is aggregated onto a single screen, highlighting the issues needing attention. Our support team watches this, and responds, in real time.


We take data security seriously

AimBetter takes all necessary steps to protect your company’s data when performing its essential function as your SQL Server database monitor. In our operations, we never read, copy or store actual data content. AimBetter monitor works by watching actions and taking metrics which are then analyzed and reported on.  Furthermore, our Data Center is strictly controlled, with restricted access, 24×7 guards and registration of all access. 

As you make use of AimBetter, you can be assured that you are not adding any vulnerability to your data, and GDPR rules are complied with without need for further action.