The `next generation` of SQL Database management software

Our guaranteed results:

  •  maximized system performance and user efficiency and satisfaction
  • improved information integrity by eliminating possible causes of data loss or corruption
  • increased system availability by working as a warning system detecting pending problems before they impact on users. Become proactive instead of reactive

Simple to install

Requires no on-site hardware, extra software licensing. A one-step installation of our small-footprint agent on a single machine, and the whole package is up and running in minutes, giving you 24×7 feedback on exactly what processes are running (and misbehaving!) 

Security matters

We take care to fully protect all information ABOUT you, as well as FROM you – on site, in transit and in our data centers.

We put you in control

You get control from one central dashboard over every server. Concentrates on the important issues – alerts you on the screen and via email/SMS.

What we watch

  • All designated servers
  • All SQL and Windows operations 
  • You see problems such as long-running queries, blocks and locks 
  • Find behavior such as spools, backups and scans 

 All from one screen! 

What you see

Aggregated data in a time window from 1 minute to 24 hours

Comparative history over the last 30 days 


PLUS support by our highly-trained specialists working with you as your own ‘virtual DBAs’. 


Concentrate on what you need to do best – manage your business, not your data!


AimBetter takes all necessary steps to protect your company’s data when performing its essential function as your SQL Server database monitor. Our mode of operation never reads, copies or stores actual relevant data content, but works by watching actions and taking measurements which are then analyzed and reported on. 


As you make use of AimBetter, you can rest assured that you are in full compliance with GDPR rules without need for further action.