The ultimate SQL Database monitor for ERP optimization.

We aim to:

  •  maximize system performance and upgrade user efficiency and satisfaction
  • ensure information integrity by eliminating possible causes of data loss
  • increase system availability by warning you of pending problems

Low cost, multiple benefits

A simple solution that gives immediate tangible benefits in the form of cost reduction and enhanced user performance. With the great bonus of allowing managers to shift attention away from database administration.

Data quality = Decision quality

AimBetter detects issues that have an effect on the integrity of the information produced by the system. Identifying and correcting them before they impact on data quality. 

Working with SAP B1

AimBetter has specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning for SMB customers. We offer a complete solution for managing the corporate information platform. Our our customers have complete confidence that their dependence on ERP is completely justified. 

See here for one example of our expert approach for SAP B1.

Improved confidence 

With our powerful tool working with you, confidence in SAP Business One’s data integrity will make your whole management process more reliable.


PLUS support by highly-trained specialists working with you as your own ‘virtual DBAs’.