Quick Compatibility Test

Three simple steps to check AimBetter’s install compatibility

AimBetter takes great pride in how simple it is in almost all cases for customers to install our SaaS agent inside their own domain in just a few minutes. To make the whole process flow even more smoothly, we list for you here the three quick and simple steps you can take to ensure that the installation can be done completely under your own control with no need for assistance by AimBetter’s support staff.  Of course, in the very rare cases where something inside your environment could be blocking the flow, we stand ready to help with real-time support.

Step One

Choose a computer inside your own domain/segment.  This can be an SQL Server or any other Windows server, as long as it belongs to the same domain/segment as the computers it will be monitoring.

Step two

Choose a person with Administrator-level authority both on the machine onto which you will install the agent, and also over the machines being monitored. Our recommendation is to choose a user who is a member of the Administrators group – it is not necessary to use the actual Admin name/password.

Step 3

On the chosen computer, open a browser window and type in the following URL: https://api.aimbetter.com

If all is well, you will see the following response

You can now safely go ahead and install the agent with the assurance that it will work immediately, bringing you the great benefits of the AimBetter solution.

As we said, in the unlikely event that there is something inside your environment blocking this message (examples we have found are port blocks, firewalls, etc – all of which we can help you to overcome), we stand ready to advise you.

Looking forward to our long and happy partnership improving your database experience. Enjoy!

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