AimBetter for Beginners – User Guide

We designed it, especially for you!

As a leading company that develops technological solutions for the business market and specializes in remote performance management, we always strive to improve and deepen the knowledge for the added value to our customers and especially our end users,
managers, and staff in the IT departments. As an Aimbetter user, you have tremendous knowledge power!

Therefore – proudly introducing the AimBetter 2021
AimBetter is a smart system that learns from the daily challenges of our customers, from the smallest problems to the critical ones that can disable an entire business.

See AimBetter New User Guide – Screens, Features, and Functionality

We function as your co-pilot!
Discover the unique identification capabilities of the Aimbetter PCM routinely and in an emergency and take control into your own hands.

We are launching the new version of AimBetter with a completely new user interface, which combines a unique and easy-to-use dashboard designed especially for you Aimbetter PCM solution comes with new capabilities, parameters, and alerts that you will really want to get in real-time. That’s not all; the new system incorporates plugins that will allow you to constantly monitor the external services and facilities that your business depends on.   

AimBetter operates in any Microsoft environment, provides a solution for both on-premise servers (anywhere within the domain), and hosted cloud-based servers such as Azure DB, as well as hybrid combinations.

✓ Quick and straightforward installation. 

✓ Easy version updates.

✓ Identification of performance issues quickly and easily.

✓ Network Operation Center at your service.

See AimBetter New User Guide – Screens, Features, and Functionality

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