Get Application Performance Management for Priority ERP

AimBetter takes Application Performance Management (APM) up to advanced levels for Priority ERP customers


Read about the collaboration between a global player, Priority, with AimBetter


AimBetter has made strong progress in providing advanced Application Performance Monitoring (APM) software, with our new version specifically designed for Priority ERP. Priority is the leading ERP Vendor in Israel, and we at AimBetter are working closely with their customers to provide comprehensive systems and database management tools.

What is APM?

One of the major aims of APM is avoiding or minimizing loss of data used in core applications. According to one estimate (from storage giant Seagate), 20% of companies storing 2-7TB of data have experienced data loss. More than half have had 2-3 data loss events in one year.

According to a report on data loss in Europe, over 70% of losses have been attributed to just two causes – system failure, including damage by a power surge and drive failure (42%) and human error, including accidental deletion (31%).

Even more relevant than the number of events is the possible cost, both in terms of performance and in dollars and cents. Estimates of the average cost of downtime per hour range from $25,000 to $50,000+ (International Data Group, 2015) to as high as $160,000 in unused labor and lost revenue according to an Aberdeen research study.

It is therefore important to identify possible problems before they happen, or to quickly pinpoint a problem as it occurs, and to have established a solid backup and restore infrastructure ready in place in order to minimize downtime and consequent damage.

The AimBetter way

AimBetter provides you with a single point of entry that monitors the status of the whole environment, covering both system and database health, which alerts you to situations that point to possible problems, and ensures that the underlying backup policies have been correctly followed.

From one console, you can view multiple in-built server metrics handling system outages (using native OS resources such as WINFORM, WINPROC, WINTSKUI, ACTIVATE, WINHTML) as well as application problems (using these plus application flags such as WINMENUD, WINRUN, WINDBI, PRICHECK, CFDI, NETFORM, SCRPAINT, PRNT64, STATUSMA, NETPRIV, BACKUP). Whenever any of these measures cross predefined threshold levels set by you, an alert is raised calling for attention and action. This means that focus is on points of potential danger at all times and reactions are fast and effective.

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