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AimBetter’s Webserver Monitoring – IT Teams

AimBetter, as a comprehensive tool that monitors operating system servers, database servers and web
servers, polls data from all three and therefore can monitor applications whether they are locally
installed, web based or hybrid, and whether they use a database or not.

AimBetter’s Home Menu – IT Teams

The home tab menu is the first menu the user would see after logging into AimBetter.
AimBetter is designed to monitor OS servers whether they host DB servers or not, hence, an OS server may be monitored even if a DB server was removed or got corrupt, and in cases, a DB server is yet to be installed.

AimBetter’s Queries Menu and Queries Analysis – IT Teams

AimBetter analyzes and monitors all layers of the server in all platforms and provides a deep insight that includes error logs for applications and services, permission violations on databases (including injection), syntax exceptions, failed queries (for any reason, the reason is mentioned in the log), and more.