AimBetter’s Webserver Monitoring – CIOs

With AimBetter, you can monitor any application used by your organization, manage your app pools, and access all the
monitoring tools provided from any machine connected to the internet, subject to permissions (at all levels, e.g., network level ,
machine level, server level, application level, user level, etc., as determined by the client).

AimBetter’s Home Menu – CIOs

The home tab menu is the first menu the user would see after logging into AimBetter.
For a server to be monitored, all it needs is an OS installed, and the features available depend on the role of that server. AimBetter offers a holistic approach to monitoring each type of these servers: OS server, DB server, Web Server. AimBetter automatically identifies such servers when given access and offers comprehensive diagnostics tools for each.

AimBetter’s Queries Menu and Queries Analysis – CIOs

AimBetter analyzes and monitors all layers of the server in all platforms and provides a deep insight that includes error logs for applications and services, permission violations on databases (including injection), syntax exceptions, failed queries (for any reason, the reason is mentioned in the log), and more.