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AimBetter’s focus since starting five years ago has been on Microsoft SQL Server, especially with systems like SAP B1. Specifically for SAP B1, we have developed intelligent analytical tools that can collect all the required information directly from your environment, and produce simple and meaningful visual reports that help both database specialists and managers to see exactly what is going on from minute to minute.

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The Bulldog Security application performs database monitoring in real-time, “sniffing” out all server User Query and Login requests. This activity is recorded for later review, thereby allowing you to sift through all commands coming out of your computer systems which occur outside of the enterprise application’s database environment, for example your company’s ERP system. With Bulldog, a business owner or system administrator is given complete access to monitor and detect at any time all new system logins or suspicious actions. The benefits are reaped in terms of system security and database health at minimal outlay for your company, and no burden on your time.

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Bulldog Security System works in any environment that is non-applicative, we designed in this way to enable logical logging and optimal tracking. Bulldog gives the business owner or information manager tools to study and investigate employee access or suspect activity giving you control and high recovery capability. If you working in hostile conditions or outside the office as we experience now with the COVID-19 it could be a very challenging situation for you to manage, Bulldog provides you with the full toolbox allowing monitoring of all user activities in the organization, without compromising privacy.

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Bulldog Detective is the most important feature of the system and gives the manager’s or IT administrator’s ability to specify exactly what behavior you want to monitor. The system allows you to define “suspicious” words/actions that you want Bulldog to know about within your corporate environment. If any such command or word is detected, the system performs two immediate actions, retrieving and storing details of the suspicious query or access and sending an immediate alert to a nominated email address. In this way, the system helps provide 24/7 security covering the most sensitive areas of your organization, authorizations, finances, customer lists, prices and more.

Common Questions:

To run AimBetter service, do I need additional hardware or OS?

No. AimBetter requires no extra hardware or software inside your domain. A single agent runs on a server anywhere on one of your existing servers, gathering information from more than 400 metadata metrics and passing this up through a secure link into the central AimBetter site. 

Does AimBetter keep a history of readings so that we can look for patterns over time?

Yes. A fundamental feature of AimBetter console is to provide immediate access to current as well as historical performance metrics. The console window provides a view of the current situation by default, with the option to pick any starting point inside a designated past period (the scope depends on a customer’s license – up to 30 days).

Does AimBetter monitor only SQL performance, or other infrastructure elements like network and storage?

Yes. AimBetter has introduced a variety of new metrics and alerts that improve overall efficiency in administering SAP databases. We at AimBetter have worked closely with our SAP customers to broaden the range of tools available to their database administrators by identifying where established SAP BASIS transaction codes do not exist for occurring events in the real world.

Does AimBetter have any specific monitoring metrics for SAP ERP?

AimBetter measures a wide range of metadata from both hardware and operating system. On a single screen, the metrics for Host (CPU usage, total & free memory, disk usage & load); Bandwidth (network utilization, receive & send volume); Disk usage ( free space, busy time, writes & reads) and many more are displayed, and instances where the set threshold is crossed will initiate an alert.

Does AimBetter expose my company’s data?

No. AimBetter collects only database-related metadata such as statistics on SQL server resources, SQL server queries, and SQL errors. As well, AimBetter agent processes server utilization metadata (CPU usage, memory, disk, and network utilization, etc.).  The application data we collect as part of our provision of services is only used to display application performance information, visible only to a customer’s AimBetter account user. 

Users can access the secure AimBetter services only by means of their unique username (usually email address) and password.

Is AimBetter working as a proactive monitoring tool?

Yes. The whole basis of our unique solution is to keep ahead of problems. By setting multiple threshold alert levels, notification of performance problems will be generated long before end-users are starting to notice any effect. And the ability to drill-down directly from the alert into the specific details makes it easier for the proper actions to be taken.

Can more than one individual inside my organization view the results of the monitor?

Yes. The primary advantage of AimBetter over our competition is that the monitor is accessed directly either in a browser window or via the AimBetter app on mobile devices. Access is controlled by means of secure logon with credentials (or even more strictly, via dedicated IP address or, in the case of mobile, two-step verification).

Does AimBetter detect changes to the database?

Yes. AimBetter’s Change Tracker constantly draws relevant data and runs statistical analyses to identify and prioritize anomalies according to the level of threat they pose to your systems. Advanced statistical analysis based on real-time and historical data will point out potential critical problems prompting you proactively to take steps before the changes affect users. As well, provides recognition of abnormal behavior such as login attempts that may pose a serious security breach.

Will AimBetter make my SQL server run slower?

No. AimBetter collects simple information about functions on designated servers by collecting metadata both inside SQL and on the operating system. The agent does not have to be run on the SQL server itself but can be installed anywhere inside your domain. The service has a minimal footprint on your end because all the processing and reporting of the results is handled entirely in AimBetter’s central datacenter.

Can AimBetter track queries to highlight resource expensive, blocked or slow ones?

Yes. The Queries screen in AimBetter monitor picks up all current queries that are active, providing information such as duration, count of blocks etc. From this point, it is possible to drill-down directly into any query, even to the level of displaying the actual plan than was being executed.